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Breast Augmentation Honolulu Hawaii

Understanding Breast Augmentation: Breasts form an important part of a woman’s personality. Even Angelina Jolie had to deliberate a lot before she opted for preventive double mastectomy. Beautiful breasts help to enhance your self-image. Reduction of breast volume causes them to droop and two most important causes for this reduction is the sudden loss of weight and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure by which the breast implants are inserted surgically.

Will Breast Augmentation work for you?

If you desire to increase the fullness of your breasts and enhance your self-confidence, breast augmentation surgery is for you. Breasts implants are also beneficial if you have undergone mastectomy or have suffered from any injury. For extremely drooping breasts, however, breast-lift is suggested as in such cases, breast augmentation is not indicated. Your plastic surgeon near Honolulu Hawaii can guide you regarding the treatment option that will work for you.

Breast Augmentation Procedure:

The procedure is as follows:
Step 1 – Induction of Anesthesia: To ensure that you do not feel any pain or anxiety (which can interfere in the procedure) during surgery, anesthesia is administered. For each surgery, an experienced anesthesiologist is present. General anesthesia or intravenous sedation is the option provided to you. The best choice is often recommended by the doctor.

Step 2 – Making of the incision: Once you are unconscious, incisions are made in the inconspicuous regions so that very less visible scarring is present. You can have a detailed discussion with your plastic surgeon about the incision sites and options to have a desired outcome. Some of the incision options are: perioareolar incision, inframammary incision, and transaxillary incision. The choice of incision is based on the type of the implant, your anatomy, the preference of the plastic surgeon and the degree of enlargement you desire.

Step 3 – Insertion and placement of the breast implant: The breast implant is inserted into the pocket made after the incision either under the pectoral muscle or behind the breast tissue, which are called sub-muscular and sub-mammary placement respectively. Again, the insertion of the implant depends on the following factors:

  • Type of implant
  • Your Body type
  • Recommendation of your surgeon
  • The degree of enlargement desired

Step 4 – Closing of the incisions made: The closing of the sutures require the use of surgical tape, or skin adhesive. These incisions heal and usually fade over a period of time.

Step 5 – Experience the increase in confidence: Though the healing may take a while, the praises are instantaneous. The results of the breast augmentation are immediate.

Complications of surgery: Benefit-risk assessment of the surgery needs to be done before making the decision for breast augmentation. You are asked to sign the Consent forms for the correct understanding of the procedure and the complications. Anesthesia risk, bleeding, infection, scarring of skin, changes in the sensation of the breasts and nipple, and pain are some of the known risks. The phases of the woman’s life such as pregnancy and menopause can influence the overall appearance of the augmented breasts.

Sudden weight loss may also contribute to the alteration of the shape and size of these breasts. You may be advised to perform regular exercises to ensure that your breasts are healthy.

Prognosis of Breast Augmentation Surgery: After the surgery, you are taken to the recovery area and monitored during the follow-up. Your breasts are wrapped in dressing and elastic bandage. Use of support bra can also minimize the swelling and support of the breasts. After a few hours of monitoring, you may be permitted to go home.

There are some specific instructions advised by your surgeon. They are as follows:

  • Medications: Your surgeon may prescribe some drugs (to be administered orally or topically), which can heal the scars.
  • Wear a support bra round the clock for at least a month.
  • Cleansing the regions in and around the incision sites can help prevent infections.
  • After the surgery, for a day or two, you may be advised for additional reduced-activity
  • You may also be advised by your surgeon to resume the normal activity and exercise.

How can you prepare for the breast augmentation surgery near Honolulu Hawaii?

In order to prepare for the surgery, you may be asked to get your blood test done. If you smoke, you have to quit it. You must avoid the medications such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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